PR5: How One Businessman Says He Will Turn the Economy Around

Press Release: How one businessman says he is going to turn the economy around

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A new way to survive the economic downturn, take the reins

‘Jay North Marketing Professional’

Best selling self-help author and business management expert Jay North has been assisting entrepreneurs to protect and defend their businesses during these economically trying times. Jay North teaches how business owners can implement highly effective marketing techniques to not just secure, but actually grow their customer base.

“The US economy is not going to turn around until American citizens take the reins and actually do the turning. It’s no secret who is to blame for the death of the US economy, but with individual businesses producing high quality products and services, and advertising them smartly independent business can put the economy back on track,” says North.

North’s simple yet ground breaking approach is to not focus solely on the negatives and react in fear to economic instability, but instead to help businesses owners see the positive reality and action with the opportunities available in their situation. Decades of expertise combined with a genuine desire to see his clients flourish has set North apart from his competitors and given his many satisfied clients the edge to succeed.

Jay North marketing specializes in marketing plans and campaigns he is available to assist and advise all business owners seeking to strengthen and transform their marketing strategies.

The way to turn the economy around is to take personal responsibility for it. “The way to survive the economic downturn is to succeed despite manipulation and intervention!”

-Jay North

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Successful author, social activist and entrepreneur Jay North announces the launch of his new business consultancy aimed at assisting small businesses to survive the economic downturn.

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