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Biggest Boom For Women in Business in Decades

Dear Business Editor,
According to the latest department of commerce release of business statistics, women comprise over 80% of newly established businesses in the USA today. Your businesswomen readers will appreciate your mentioning Grow Yourself Rich and we will appreciate any mention you give us.
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The Self – Employed Woman and Her Marketing Success

Disillusioned by the so-called glass ceiling, expensive and sometimes inadequate daycare situations and the need to feel like you belong to yourself—along with many other factors—women are getting out of the nine-to-five workplace and into their own businesses in record numbers.

“When I worked outside the home, I never felt like I was doing the right thing,” said Christy Wilson of Birmingham, AL. “If I worked late, I felt guilty for not being with the kids. If I came home early, I felt guilty that I should be working. Now that I own my own business, I feel like I have my life back. I’m the one in control.”

Women who start their own businesses usually have the skills to run the business. Whether it be a gift shop, skating rink, greenhouse or multinational corporation, they are good at doing the research before beginning their endeavor. What they sometimes don’t realize is they will be spending as much as 50% of their time and efforts on marketing!

Marketing and salesmanship will be the deciding factor of a business’s success or failure, and having the right skills can build and maintain any size business one wishes to pursue.

Most business owners believe buying expensive broadcast or print advertisements are the only way to promote their business. The new book, Grow Yourself Rich, by 30-year marketing veteran Jay North, teaches valuable public relations and marketing tools for inexpensive multimedia advertising options and other tools of the trade.

Grow Yourself Rich isn’t a heavy marketing manual that you need a marketing degree to understand. This book is written for the lay-person who needs to know the ropes and for the seasoned business-owner who could use some fresh insight, inspiration and perhaps a few new tricks under their hat.

Jay North began his marketing career by procuring over $6 million in sales in the beauty salon business. He and his (now deceased) wife, Pamela, went on to earn millions more on a 2-acre farm they called Paradise Farms. They were the first to delve into the now-popular organic farming business and were the first to offer many herbs and edible flowers to the international marketplace. They became world-famous as the Edible Flower Children, appearing on the Today Show, the Tonight Show and in many newspapers and magazines, such as the New Yorker, Newsweek, and People. All this success happened because Jay learned how to promote their endeavors.

Jay has also worked in the music promotions business, as well as with charities and non-profits such as Project Bluebird and with the Blackfeet Indian Tribe. His knowledge doesn’t come from a marketing theory or textbooks, but over 30 years of real-life experience.

His ideas and insight can help anyone in business for themselves.

“My number one true desire is to help businesswomen/men succeed in business, if my book does that then I will have succeeded,” said Jay. It is a breath of fresh air for the business owner struggling through a slumping economy that someone really cares about your survival and prosperity.

Businesswomen, put on your marketing hats, and let’s make a fortune!

Released for publication, Jay North 2011


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