PR3: How Are Healers Going To Survive This Economy?

Press Release: How Are Healers Going To Survive This Economy?

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How Are Healers Going To Survive This Economy? By surviving despite Wall Street’s efforts!

How can health workers, healers and practitioners of holistic natural healing survive in this new economy? By deciding to not only survive but thrive! Jay North believes by practicing applicable proven methods to market and manage themselves Healers and New Age Health practitioners can create sustainable and successful businesses.

Since the economic collapse in 2008 many practitioners have been struggling to stay in business and keep food on the table. Wall Street and the Government are undoubtedly responsible for the financial collapse, but with the right tools and spirit, we can survive.

“The one common denominator in business today is marketing that leads customers through the door.” A PR spin could be a temporary fix, but practitioners of the healing arts need a concrete, sound business practice that will draw the public in and keep the phones ringing.

Jay North, author of bestselling titles such as Grow Yourself Rich, a marketing manual designed to help organic gardeners and famers run successful businesses, has found that the advice he has collected and honed over years of experience is particularly relevant and useful for New Age and holistic health related entrepreneurs and practitioners. Forward thinking and proactive healers seeking to expand their businesses will benefit greatly from the marketing and business acumen Jay has developed.

Jay’s extensive research and experience in New Age and holistic business uniquely positions him to be able to assist clients to learn how to differentiate their business from the competition and stand out, how to attract new clientele and how to creatively generate new business. Jay is now available as a business consultant to assist anyone with a worthwhile product, service or cause.

Jay North can be reached at [email protected]

Successful author, activist and entrepreneur Jay North announces the launch of his new business consultancy aimed at assisting Healers and New Age health and wellness practitioners to survive the economic downturn.

Jay North is an internationally recognized expert in organic gardening, social activist and entrepreneur. His websites are, and

Media contact Jay North at 805-794-9126 or [email protected]

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