Open Spaces: My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief Blackfeet Elder From Northwest Montana

by Jay North aka J. Mountain Chief.

Ojai, CA. For immediate release 12/August/16

The new millennium has garnered massive publicity in recent years, as changes are happening rapidly. Let Jay take you step by step through the Blackfoot theology surrounding these interesting days, contemporary Native conclusions’ that could offer great benefit to mankind today to help guide us into a new future-worldwide.

Open Spaces; Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief is revealing such information in his humble attempt help the people of the world to get back in touch with nature and themselves; during these crucial moments of human regeneration…Only by moving backwards towards the ways of old, can we step into a positive future.  Leonard J. Mountain possesses ancient wisdom which has been put into a modern context in hopes of helping modern civilization rediscover its roots, and how to live more in tune with nature, ourselves and our planet.

Earth changes are happening all over the world, just the way Leonard J. Mountain Chief predicted they would over 30 years ago. My adopted father (Leonard) asked me to spread these messages to as many people as possible and help create vital changes to the People and the planet to help ensure the children will have a place to run and play. “A change has got to come-sooner better than later” Leonard J. Mountain Chief. Together we can and must implement important changes very soon. No president or government is of significant use, we must take the rains.”

Jay North: Published author, organic gardener, social activist and naturalist. Jay is truly inspirational at appreciating the journey and the roller coaster of life! In the 1980’s and 90’s he was revered worldwide as the Edible Flower Child, partially due to his astonishing success with Paradise Farms and his books regarding organic gardening. Jay is currently enjoying his life as a full time writer.

Jay’s books shed light on important, contemporary issues regarding environmental concerns and anticipated changes on Planet Earth. Jay suggests opportunities that make cutting-edge ideas on healing accessible to a broad audience. With Jay’s extensive and diverse range of subjects; we are proud to publish his books and articles that will facilitate a positive transformation in the conditions on planet Earth. As Leonard J. Mountain Chief (from Open Spaces), Jay’s native mentor would often repeat, “A change has got to come.” Sooner better than later!

“Be part of real change today, Jay North”