How can young people become great authors?

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Ojai, CA 9/Jan/2017

People of all ages can become great writers with study, practice and determination.

The educational system teaches children the basics of English math and science, but for youth in America today, education needs to go beyond the basics and help assist young people in creative writing, art and literature. Why? Because the next Steven King is waiting to blossom!

That is why Bestselling Author Jay North has developed his new On Line Creative Writing Class, where people of all ages, including the young, have access to vital information and education on creative writing. Jay North says his techniques to creative writing are easy to learn and apply and offer a fun, new way to study and practice his techniques. Jay asks his students to relax and enjoy the process and simply allow the words to come. He has said many times, if an abused dyslexic child who never finished high school can become a best-selling author, so can you. “Determination wins every time,” he says.

Jay’s creative writing class is extremely reasonably-priced, so anyone from any community can afford this easy study. People desiring more information about the creative writing class can contact Jay North at

“My purpose is to be of service. Please allow me to serve you.” – Jay North


About Jay North

Author Jay North began writing poetry at age 16; he had his first book published on health and beauty at age 19. Jay has written 33 of his own books and several others for clients. His extensive writing career includes thousands of published articles, poems, how to advice, recipes, essays, press releases, marketing content, organic gardening and natural healing. During his activity in professional writing, Jay was script supervisor for Lamont Johnson Productions. His writing references list from 100’s of clients speaks volumes of his natural talent ability and love for the craft. His desire is to help people from all over the world who want to tell their stories and sharpen their skills in creative writing.

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