Creative Writing Class

If you have always wanted to write a book, a movie or a memoir, this class just might be what you have always been looking for.

Hello from Jay North; On Line Creative Writing Class

Creative Writing Class
with Bestselling Author Jay North, published by One Globe Press

A Writing Class With A New Twist!


If an abused child with Dyslexia who never finished high school can become a bestselling author, so can you!”

You have a book, movie or memoir in you —
let it come out!!! I will guide you along the way.

10-day fun, easy, informative and innovative method to learning creative writing.

About Jay North

Author Jay North began writing poetry at age 16; he had his 1st book published on health and beauty at age 19. Jay has written 33 of his own books and several others for clients. His extensive writing career includes thousands of published articles, poems, how-to advice, recipes, essays, press releases, marketing content, organic gardening and farming and natural healing. During his activity in professional writing, Jay was script supervisor for Lamont Johnson productions. His writing references list from 100’s of clients speaks volumes of his natural talent ability and love for the craft. His desire is to help people from all over the world that want to tell their stories and sharpen their skills in creative writing.

“My purpose is to be of service. Please allow me to serve you.” – Jay North 

Here Is What you Get:

Lesson one – Relax & enjoy the process
Lesson two – Let’s get into structure a bit today
Lesson three – Define parts of speech of the English language
Lesson four – Defining and planning the book, film or memoir-story
Lesson five – Delivering a product that not only has a message but is also entertaining!
Lesson six – Blockbuster movies
Lesson seven – Your masterpiece is done, now what? Market it is what!

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Lesson eight – How to get work as a professional writer and get paid
Lesson nine – Where to make money as a professional writer
Lesson ten – 81 Publishers that do not require an agent

“I try to create sympathy for my characters,
then turn the monsters loose.”
– Stephen King

“To inspire, rekindle and ignite all those that have ever had a single thought to write something, and to ensure our culture gets the fresh, new, brilliant ideas of this generation.  Ideas mold the future your contribution could make it awesome!”
– Jay North.

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